Our instructors are calm, relaxed and attentive to our students’ needs. We understand that it is important to provide as much of a stress-free learning environment as possible in order for students to obtain the knowledge needed to become safe, responsible drivers.

Meadows instructor Derrick Mason

Derrick Mason

Derrick has a passion to teach and serve his community. He aspires to create a relaxed, calm learning environment for students and parents. “Driving is not theory-based, its reality based, and especially to teenagers, it has an element of instant gratification. That’s why I try to be very clear with students that driving is a tremendous responsibility. Teaching drivers ed allows me to make a direct impact on lives in my community and on society. I strive to make the roads a safer place”. Derrick has a great sense of humor. His kind and friendly manner coupled with his infinite patience earns him respect in the industry. He has conducted over 15,000 lessons, making his wealth of experience a valuable asset to both his students and to Meadows Driving School.

  • Movie: Any Adam Sandler Movie
  • Music: Too much to list!
  • Hobby: Drums/Guitar
  • Family: Married to wife Angela with two children Madilynn and Annika.

Meadows instructor Derrick Thurston

Derrick Thurston

Derrick T. is a skillfull instructor that has been with the Palmer team nearly from the beginning. He has a knack for putting people at ease behind the wheel. He strives to make every experience behind the wheel a teachable moment with a lasting impression. “When I see a student that is nervous behind the wheel I do whatever I can to build their trust in me as an instructor because I know if they trust me than they will take what I am saying to heart”. His patience and technical instruction has earned him praise amongst students and parents. Derrick T. has the miraculous ability to incorporate comedy into his teaching method making the learning environment safe and comfortable for students of all abilities.

  • Movie: The Goonies, The Dark Knight Rises
  • Music: Everything!
  • Hobby: Drums, baseball, anything outdoors
  • Family: Married to wife Terry with two children Ethan and Owen.

Meadows instructor Keri Martinson

Keri Martinson

Keri is outgoing, patient, and professional which makes her an engaging instructor that enjoys the challenges this profession brings. She has been a great asset to the Palmer team, bringing passion, experience, and connectedness to the job. She has an upbeat personality and a great sense of humor. Teaching comes natural to her. Her successful ability to assess student’s basic driving skills allows her to meet students where they are and help bring them to where they need to be. “I love to see progress in students, it is the most powerful and meaningful part of this job. I am always trying to move the student forward so that they can develop important driving skills such as advance planning”. Keri knows she can make a difference on today’s roads and strives every day to make that happen.

  • Movie: Titanic and The Notebook
  • Music: The Beatles and Billy Joel
  • Hobby: Singing, reading, and gardening
  • Family: Married to husband Chris with three children Kyle, Noah, and Sierra.

Meadows instructor Angela Mason

Angela Mason

Angela is vivacious and full of life and has an ability to put a positive spin on most situations. She has a Master’s in Education and takes the classroom component to drivers ed to a whole different level. Her creativity and zest for teaching has been a great asset to the Palmer team. Angela strives to connect with each student making sure trust is at the heart of every lesson. “Teaching drivers ed combines my love of people with the ability to do a social good. Teaching allows me to make a direct impact on lives within our community.”

  • Movie: Titanic and The Little Mermaid
  • Music: The Beatles
  • Hobby: Crafting, kids, and gardening
  • Family: Married to husband Derrick with two children Madilynn and Annika.

Get your license with us

Meadows Driving School offers Road Test Sponsorship allowing our students to take their Massachusetts Class D Driver’s Exam at our school location. We also complete all RMV road test related transactions, provide a certified instructor as well as the use of our vehicle for the road test.